Welcome to GROWE NL, your partner in residential services for co-living properties. We specialize in offering comprehensive solutions to property owners, providing seamless support during the pre-opening, opening, operation and stabilization phases. As experts in the co-living industry, we understand the unique challenges that arise when managing shared living spaces, and we are here to simplify the process for you.

With our white label services, we operate behind the scenes, ensuring a flawless experience for both property owners and residents. From initial planning to ongoing management, we handle everything from marketing, financials to operational logistics.

From research to stabilization

GROWE NL offers support throughout transaction operation the research, development, opening and operational phases, understanding the unique challenges private equity real estate investors encounter. Our services are designed to provide Pre-opening Development for support and optimize your asset value. operations Represented in blue you will find the phases where our expertise shines.

Residential property management

Due Diligence

• Underwriting (potential) assets
• Technical due diligence
• Rent setting (WWS point system)
• Profitability analysis on assets
• Permit and destination due diligence

Operational services and openings

• Operational project management
• Administrative project management
• Openings – lease ups – marketing
• Procurement and tenders
• (Interim) operational property management

Asset Management

• NOI optimization
• Resident experience enhancement
• Lease and occupancy management
• Regulatory compliance and adjustments
• Facility management
• Financial reporting and stakeholder communication

Property services

• Energy labels
• Routing and logistics
• Co-working concept development and design
• Annual Service charge settlement
• Long-term maintenance plan

Ad Interim Services

A combination of the above services may be needed. An experienced property manager is selected for each project. Per project an estimate will be done on the required consultancy hours and a fixed price will be established.

GROWE NL will gladly inform you about the possibilities regarding your real estate object.